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What’s wrong with partnerships today?


Time Consuming

From initial deal diligence to budget approvals. The average team can spend 100+ person-hours before reaching a finalised agreement with a potential partner.

Unpredictable & Risky

It’s impossible to predict success because there are 100+ factors to consider and most teams are not equipped to assess the risks and opportunities.

No Access to Partners

Most companies, especially smaller organisations, do not have access to the right contacts at a new company and lack the expertise to navigate a relationship with a new company.

Simpler, Faster, Smarter

Do more, with fewer resources by using our full-service Artificial Intelligence.


Automate Workload & Save Time

Our AI will automate the strategy, reporting, and research involved in planning and setting up a partnership.

Eliminate Risk & Increase Success

We have built an AI that can use historical data, financial reports and millions of other data points to predict the success of a partnership.

Global Network of Partners

Regional player or global juggernaut, our network will have the right partner for you. From mining companies in Brazil to the world’s largest ice-cream brand.

How does it work?

1. Ask our AI for an idea

Tell our AI what you’re looking for by answering a few questions or by submitting a brief/RFP.

2. Receive a Proposal

AI responds with a detailed proposal on who to partner with, how to structure the partnership and how to ensure its success.

3. Connect with a Partner

Get connected with a partner in our network based on the response to the proposal.

4. Negotiate Terms using Customized Reports

Each company is provided with a customised report from our AI about what the partnership could offer them and suggested terms.

5. Agree Terms & Sign Contract

Agree terms with your partner and then sign a simple 2-page contract which includes all the key terms in the agreed deal.

6. Track Results & View if Promises were Kept

We provide a suite of tools that lets you track the performance of a partnership and review whether a partner met their contractual obligations.

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